Nov 2013 Retreat

Keep Believing God for "CATCHING your MIRACLES" in 2015.

Have a beautiful Spring!!

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MEAL TICKET Package - Spring Healing Retreat
04/24/2015 $174.00
Spring Healing Retreat, CLM - Desiring God!
04/30/2015 $250.00

John of God - Healing Pilgrimage to the Casa

06/08/2015 $2,400.00
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Our Vision

Celebrating Life is a growing and active interfaith spiritual community that nourishes itself and the global community through the Divine Presence in the form of loving service, devotion, and prayer. We provide healing services, spiritual growth programs, and gatherings for our spiritual family to experience, harness and expand the loving presence of the Holy Spirit in our individual and collective ministries. Celebrating Life Ministries also offers healing services, education programs, sacred travel opportunities, and semi-annual retreats to the general public.

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Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself

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Co-founders Paul Funfsinn (L), Spiritual Leader and Director of Celebrating Life Ministries and the late Ron Roth (R), Spiritual Shepherd Emeritus.

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